Portal seal, outer sealing ring U1700, OEM

Portal seal (large) Main sealing ring


16 in stock (can be backordered)

16 in stock (can be backordered)

Product Description

Portal seal outer (large) This is the main sealing ring on the wheel side of the portal assembly.
As per item number 96 on the attached parts diagram

To suit Ex ADF U1700L, U1750L, U2450 6×6 and other axle variants as tabled below.

Tech Tip:
It is recommended (but not always necessary) the wear ring is replaced at the same time.
This wear ring is what the inner surface of the seal lip runs on.
There is long superseded wear ring still in use on some trucks that we would recommend replacing. the old style wear ring is made of thick pressed steel and utilises an O ring to seal, the new ring now has a completely sealed inner surface.

Please refer to the manufacturers website for further information.

This seal is a German made high quality OEM part from Corteco.

Corteco seals

To suit the following axle variants:

Vehicle classModel numberParametersVehicle classModel numberParameters
MB Trac747.104HT 2/2S-4,0MB Trac737.102AT 2/1S-3,7
MB Trac747.105HT 2/2S-4,0Unimog737.200AU 3/1 S-5,3
MB Trac747.131HT 2/2S-4,0Unimog737.201AU
Unimog747.200HU 3/1 S-5,3Unimog737.202AU 3/1 S-5,3
Unimog747.201AUUnimog737.203AU 3/1 S-5,3
Unimog747.202HU 3/3 S-5,3Unimog737.204AU 3/2 CS-7,0
Unimog747.203HU 3/3 S-5,3Unimog737.205AU 3/2 CS-7,0
Unimog747.204HU 3/1 S-5,3Unimog737.206AU 3/2 CS-7,0
Unimog747.205AUUnimog737.207AU 3/2 CS-7,0
Unimog747.206HU 3/1 S-6,8Unimog737.208AU 3/2 CS-7,0
Unimog747.207HU 3/1 S-6,8Unimog737.231AU 3/1 S-6,8
Unimog747.208HU 3/2 CS-7,0Unimog737.232AU 3/1 S-6,8
Unimog747.209HU 3/1 S-6,8Unimog737.233AU 3/1 S-6,2
Unimog747.210HU 3/4 CS-8,0Unimog737.234AU 3/2 CS-7,0
Unimog747.211HU 3/4 CS-8,0Unimog737.310AT 2/4S-4.9
Unimog747.212HU 3/4 CS-8,0MB Trac737.310AT 2/4S-4.9
Unimog747.213HU 3/2 CS-7,0MB Trac737.310AT 2/4S-4,9
Unimog747.214HU 3/2 CS-7,0Unimog737.311AT 2/4S-4,9
Unimog747.215HU 3/2 CS-7,0MB Trac737.311AT 2/4S-4,9
Unimog747.216HU 3/4 CS-8,0Unimog737.311AT 2/4 CS-4.9
Unimog747.217HU 3/4 CS-8,0MB Trac737.311AT 2/4 CS-4.9
Unimog747.218HU 3/4 CS-8,0MB Trac737.320AT 2/3 S-4,0
Unimog747.230HU 3/1 S-6,8MB Trac737.320AT 2/3 S-4,0
Unimog747.231HU 3/1 S-6,8Unimog737.420AU 3/1 S-6,0
Unimog747.232HU 3/1 S-6,2Unimog737.421AU 3/3 CS-6,0
Unimog747.234HU 3/2 CS-7,0Unimog737.424AU 3/3 CS-6,0
MB Trac747.310HT 2/4S-4.9Unimog737.427AU 3/3 CS-6,0
MB Trac747.310HT 2/4S-4.9Unimog737.460AU 3/2 CS-7.0
MB Trac747.311HT 2/4S-4.9
MB Trac747.320HT 2/3S-4,0
MB Trac747.320HT 2/3S-4,0
MB Trac747.330HT 2/3S-4,0
Unimog747.340HU 3/3 CS-6.0
Unimog747.420HU 3/1 S-6,0
Unimog747.421HU 3/1 S-6,0
Unimog747.422HU 3/3 CS-6,0
Unimog747.423HU 3/3 CS-6,0
Unimog747.424HU 3/3 CS-6,0
Unimog747.425HU 3/3 CS-6,0
Unimog747.427HU 3/3 CS-6,0
Unimog747.430HU 3/4 CS-6.0
Unimog747.431HU 3/4 CS-6.0
Unimog747.460HU 3/2 CS-7.0
Unimog747.470HU 3/5 CS-6,5
Unimog747.480HU 3/6 CS-6,5

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