About Us

Here at Ultimate Mogs we source and stock only OE, OEM and high quality aftermarket replacement parts made in Germany and Europe to keep your Unimog in peak condition. With an ever increasing range of Unimog parts constantly being uploaded to our web store and a special request feature for items not regularly stocked we will have you covered for your ultimate peace of mind no matter where you are!

To compliment our extensive Unimog parts range we stock a variety of brands that are not only the highest quality but are market respected from some of the biggest manufacturers around the world; with accessories such as electric and hydraulic winches and on/off road lighting upgrades. Along with these accessories we engage with local manufacturers that produce high quality engineered accessories proudly made right here in Australia to suit a range of Unimog vehicles. All of our locally made accessores such as winch cradles, ISRI seat bases and towbars for example are built to suit our harsh Australian conditions. They are digitally engineered using the latest in Solidworks CAD design and then have Advanced Finite Element Analysis (FEA) carried out before being brutally tested in real world environments; so you know they can stand up to the task on your own Ultimate Mog.

Our Story

Owner and Director Ben Renes started the Ultimate Mogs brand with a deep passion for all things 4wd and off-roading. Having a lifelong love of the Unimog marque, starting from a very young age, led to the purchase of his very own Unimog. Having been actively involved in the four-wheel driving scene since obtaining a driver’s license while maintaining his own vehicles stirred a desire to start his own company. The goal of the company is to assist fellow Unimog owners with their own maintenance needs through the supply of high quality and often hard to source parts and accessories with a broad range at competitive prices.

Having worked in the automotive industry as a highly qualified and respected Master Technician for a large German auto company, he has exposure to over 26 years of mechanical and parts knowledge. This is coupled with over 5 years managing a large production and warehousing facility while being actively involved with the companies R&D department in the fields of plastics, electronics and metal work. With this in mind, Ben Renes is uniquely placed to bring you parts and provide general servicing advice to help you achieve your own maintenance needs.

Please get in contact via our contact us page or by calling us on 0408 080 772 if you find yourself requiring some expert advice, guidance or to talk all things Unimog.

“We own Mogs and love Mogs, so we are here to help you care for yours; to achieve reliable and hassle free adventure for years to come!.”


“I’ve met and bought from Ben Renes and I can honestly say if you want quality, affordable Unimog parts that literally turn up at your door the next day from a genuine bloke who’s got a great range without any BS he’s my number 1 go to…!! Being in Qld makes it easier too.”

– Matt Alderton