Two piece rim with inner lock, 10 stud 20×10

Two piece off-road military spec rim with bead lock, 10 stud pattern, 20×10″


Available on backorder

Available on backorder

Product Description

Introducing the all-new Ultimate Mogs rims, the pinnacle of off-road excellence exclusively designed for Mercedes Benz Unimog vehicles. Unlike the American-made Hutchinson MRAP rims or low-cost imitations, our rims offer a new standard of precision and durability. Our rims have been specifically designed to seamlessly fit Unimog’s with unparalleled accuracy, providing a perfect match for your vehicle.

Manufactured by Runflat International in collaboration with Wild Planet Off Road and Ultimate Mogs, these two-piece high-quality off-road rims are set to revolutionise the Unimog experience. With a size of 20×10″ and sturdy 6061-T6 precision hot forged aluminium construction to T6 international standards, each rim weighs in at 41.2kg (without the run flat insert), built to military specification ensuring exceptional strength and durability capable of withstanding the toughest off-road conditions.

The rim achieves optimal centring on the vehicle by utilizing the axle hub, while the accompanying shank nuts ensure further precision and provide additional support. Cost is reduced by eliminating the need to replace the wheel studs with longer versions, resulting in savings on both labour and the studs themselves. Featuring a +130 offset, the rim slightly widens the wheel track, resulting in heightened stability and improved handling on challenging terrain. Further enhancing off-road reliability, each rim is additionally furnished with an internal polymer locking device, fortifying tire security and instilling peace of mind during adventurous expeditions.

Transform the visual identity of your Unimog with our selection of three distinctive finish options: Black, Tan or Aluminium. Immerse your vehicle in the covert allure of Black, exuding an air of stealth and mystery that perfectly complements the Unimog’s formidable nature. Embrace the utilitarian essence of Tan, reflecting practicality and a rugged appeal that embraces the Unimog’s off-road spirit. Alternatively, opt for the sleek modern & striking raw aluminium, adding a touch of contemporary industrial flair that highlights the Unimog’s design. With these diverse finish options at your disposal, you can truly customize the vehicle to reflect your unique style and preferences, making your Unimog a true expression of individuality and purpose.

Not only do Ultimate Mogs rims excel in design and performance, but they also meet the highest standards of safety and quality. Our rims proudly comply with the with JWL-T certification for legal on road use in Australia and pass the rigorous European TÜV standard, a testament to their superior craftsmanship and reliability. Additionally, they are certified to meet the North American DOT standard, ensuring their adherence to safety regulations in the North American market.

For a limited time on pre order, we are offering these rims at introductory price of AUD $6,100 per rim, inclusive of GST, (when sold in Australia)
This exclusive pricing presents an exceptional opportunity to experience the unrivalled performance and outstanding quality of Ultimate Mogs rims.
It’s important to emphasise that these are brand-new rims, not low-cost second-hand alternatives, non-compliant options, or cheap imitations. With Ultimate Mogs rims, you can confidently invest in the reliability, durability, and a precision fit specifically designed for your Unimog.

Transform your Unimog to unleash the full potential of its off-road capabilities, conquer new horizons, and embark on unforgettable adventures, knowing you have selected rims of exceptional quality. Get ready to transform your Unimog into the ultimate off-road machine with Ultimate Mogs rims, where precision, performance, and reliability converge to deliver an unparalleled driving experience.

Size: 20×10″
Offset: +130 (Standard 20×10 steel rim is +160)
Certification: JWL-T, TÜV & DOT
Colour: Black, Tan or Aluminium

– Complete two piece rim (Without tyre)
– Bead lock ring insert
– Shank nuts (x10 per rim)

*Shipping charge will be calculated on a case by case basis and charged separately
**Price specified is an introductory price including GST

Runflat International

*Note: These rims are designed and engineered by Runflat International to exclusively fit the Mercedes Benz Unimog and are in no way affiliated with or designed by the Mercedes-Benz Group.
All references herein are purely used for comparison and explanation purposes and are not representative of any respective individuals and/or companies cited.

Additional Information

Weight41.2 kg

Ultimate Mogs/Wild Planet by Runflat International.


United Kingdom