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Piston with rings (each) 0.25mm oversize OM352, OEM.

Piston with rings (each) 0.25mm oversize OM352


Available on backorder

Available on backorder

Product Description

Piston with rings and gudgeon pin (each) 0.25mm oversize OM352
Note: Each sold separately

Suitable for the Ex ADF U1700L and others as listed below

Tech tips:
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Measurement of the piston protrusion link to video can be found here

Cylinder diameter (Ø)97.5 mm
Compression height (KH)64.9 mm
Bowl depth (MT)21.5 mm
Bowl diameter (MØ)55.0 mm
Total length (GL)104.9 mm
Pin diameter (BoØ)36.0 mm
Pin length82.5 mm
Casting number097 008
Piston protrusion-0.07 to 0.3 mm
Piston designsRTK, HKÜ
Piston rings

1×T62.5 mmMOG6
1×M2.5 mmMO
1×DSF4 mmCR

To suit the following engine designations only

OM 314.970
OM 344.913
OM 344.934
OM 344.937
OM 344.938
OM 344.939
OM 344.942 (USA)
OM 344.951
OM 344.953
OM 344.954
OM 344.955
OM 352.946
OM 353.920
OM 353.939
OM 353.959
OM 362.900/-500
OM 362.906
OM 362.909
OM 362.910
OM 394.900-009 (AFS)
OM 396.900-405 (AFS)
OM 396.900-407
OM 396.900-409
OM 396.900-410
OM 396.900-415
OM 396.900-473

This is an OEM Kolbenschmidt part not aftermarket

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