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Park brake adjuster repair kit, inner, OE.

Park brake lever adjusting pin repair kit


5 in stock (can be backordered)

5 in stock (can be backordered)

Product Description

Park brake adjusting pin repair kit for inner spindle brake pad clearance adjustment mechanism.
This is for the INNER adjuster on the side with the part brake actuator.
The seal kit for the inner and outer spindle can be found HERE

Tech Tips:
On the attached galley picture is an example of three bevelled gears
– The gear on the left is completely destroyed and will no longer mesh with the drive spindle at all.
– The centre gear is damaged and made partial contact with the drive spindle however this was skipping teeth when rotating.
– The gear on the right is a completely new part
As you can see from the examples it is easy to damage this part if you force it during adjustment, this gear does not like being turned quickly.
When this gear fails it usually does not result in damage to the drive spindle, should damage to your drive spindle occur it can be purchased HERE

To suit the Ex ADF U1700L and other 10 bolt axle variants as necessary

As per item number 38 on the attached parts diagram.

This is an OE part not aftermarket.

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SKU: 000 423 0619 Category: