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Novawinch 18000LB Electric Winch with Synthetic Rope, 12V

Novawinch 18000LB Electric Winch with Synthetic Rope, 12V


Available on backorder

Available on backorder

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The powerful T series winches were initially suited to the heavy duty SUV and light truck applications, but over the years were uprated to suit more heavy duty applications up to 18,000lbs. This uprating over the last 12 years gave this series of winches the sheer grunt to operate in any SUV, off road and recovery applications.


  • Sealed winch body and drum seals to deter any water or dirt ingress, Heavy duty silver contacts within the contactor unit to give a long life operation with positive contacts for cooler running.
  • All components meet European safety regulations, tested to a 50% overload test, and not as some winches which are rated at what they stall at!
  • Chrome plated free spool control, to allow easier free spooling and corrosion resistance
  • Two control box design, to allow easer fitment and mounting aesthetics
  • Winch design meets SAE J706, and is CE marked and approved.
  • Available with an optional wireless radio control, sold seperately (NWWR01)

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‘NOVAWINCH’ is family owned company that have been producing winches since 1997, both for worldwide distribution as well as being one of the largest manufacturers supplying large government bodies, with recent military contracts being awarded.
Initially Novawinch produced winches as a sub-contractor to many major winch manufacturers under the strict manufacturing constraints, namely: Ramsey, Warn, Superwinch and others.
Novawinch have, for a long time, also supplied to many major re-sellers where their products were re-branded and sold as independent product lines.
During 2018, a management decision was made to promote the Novawinch name worldwide and cease re-branding their products for re-sellers to benefit from.

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