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Clutch disc to suit U1700L, OM352, OEM

Clutch disc / Friction plate


Available on backorder

Available on backorder

Product Description

Clutch disc / Clutch friction plate, standard to suit U1700L and others.

Parameter :330GSB
Diameter [mm] :330
Hub Profile :36×40-20N
Number of Teeth :20

Tech Tips:
The clutch will only work perfectly over the long term if the hub spline is optimally greased.
If the clutch disk is not greased correctly when it is installed, tribocorrosion may occur in the hub spline.
In this case, the clutch disk will seize instead of sliding along the transmission input shaft.
Not every lubricant is suitable, it must be temperature-resistant and withstand high surface pressure.
Unsuitable lubricants can become liquid, solidify, become resinous or burn, causing malfunctions.
Note: The hub spline must always be greased correctly. You can watch a short demonstration video here from ZF.

Lightly grease all around the hub spline of the clutch disk and the transmission input shaft with SACHS high-performance grease.
Now the clutch disk is moved back and forth along the transmission input shaft, and then the excess grease is removed from the transmission input shaft and from the hub spline.
If too much grease is used, centrifugal forces will transfer it onto the clutch linings during operation. Linings soiled in this way will cause the clutch to grab or chatter during operation.
Before installing the clutch disk, check its lateral run-out, which may be a maximum of 0.5 mm. Larger values can cause drag.


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This part supersedes the following clutch plates:
1861 667 031
1861 667 131
1861 667 034

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SKU: 009 250 5703 Category: