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Air Compressor, Water cooled Wabco, 18 Bar, OEM

Water cooled air Compressor, Wabco (18 Bar)


Available on backorder

Available on backorder

Product Description

Air Compressor Wabco (18 Bar) complete compressor unit (without pulley)
To suit Ex ADF U2450L 6X6 and other models with an auxiliary, water cooled, 18 Bar belt driven air system.
If you are unsure of the application please contact us for further information.

This is a genuine Wabco OEM compressor as factory fitted.
More cost effective solutions are available to order. Should you require this please contact us to discuss.

Service Note:
If you are replacing a failed compressor please check the unloader/governor valve for blockages or foreign bodies as failure may occur.
A failed compressor can eject carbon, oil and metallic swarf down the line resulting in premature failure of additional brake system components.
If you are unsure please call to discuss.


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SKU: 003 131 5101 Category: Tag: