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Novawinch 25000lb hydraulic winch, Bare.

Novawinch 25000lb Hydraulic winch, Bare unit.


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Available on backorder

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If you want the absolutle Ultimate in recovery power for your Mog then look no further. The powerful Novawinch HEN Large Frame series Hydraulic Winch has you covered.
A proven superior performer in markets and applications worldwide
This winch meets EN14492-1:2006 requirements.
Suitable for Agricultural Machinery, Crane and Lifting, EN Standard required applications, Forestry, Specialty Vehicles, Heavy trailers, Towing and Recovery.

  1. Oil bath gearbox, provides tough performance and efficiency
  2. Two wire rope mounting holes on the drum for safe operation
  3. Dual balance valve ensures reliable brake function
  4. Safe design of single acting pneumatic clutch, also has optional manual clutch
  5. Highly efficient, long life hydraulic motor
  6. Reliable 100% automatic multi-disc hydraulic brake system
  • Excellent weight to strength ratio.
  • Extreme-duty winch sealing, enables superior water resistance.
  • Various accessories available for many applications include: Wire rope, wire rope tensioner, hook, roller fairlead, mounting plate, etc.
  • Single acting pneumatic clutch, dependable and reliable design that meets EN standard, also manual clutch
  • 75% rated line pull durability test was conducted over 500 cycles, without any gear or motor damage

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‘NOVAWINCH’ is family owned company that have been producing winches since 1997, both for worldwide distribution as well as being one of the largest manufacturers supplying large government bodies, with recent military contracts being awarded.
Initially Novawinch produced winches as a sub-contractor to many major winch manufacturers under the strict manufacturing constraints, namely: Ramsey, Warn, Superwinch and others.
Novawinch have, for a long time, also supplied to many major re-sellers where their products were re-branded and sold as independent product lines.
During 2018, a management decision was made to promote the Novawinch name worldwide and cease re-branding their products for re-sellers to benefit from.

1. The winch must never be used for hoisting people or hoisting objects above people.
2. Do not use the clutch under load.
3. Do not equip the winch into an oil supply system without a relief valve.
4. Recommended oil flow supply range is 40-90 l/min.
5. Dual balance valves as standard, winch must be used in Independent oil supply system with relief valve.

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