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Engine belt set selector, OM352, U1700L

Full engine belt set to suit the OM352 Ex ADF U1700L

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A full set for a standard U1700L OM352 is pre filled by default, simply add or remove belts for your application as required.

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Product Description

Heavy duty engine drive belt set selector to suit the OM352 Ex ADF U1700L, Crane truck, Dump platform and others as suitable.

Simply select the required number of belts for your application.
Note: A full set for a standard U1700L is pre filled by default.

A complete set of belts for the U1700L requires the following belts:
1x Water pump belt
1x Deflection arm belt (Fan drive, Engine to radiator)
1x Generator belt
1x Air compressor belt
1x Fan belt (Behind radiator)
1x Power steering pump belt

Crane or dump variant will require these additional belts added to make a full set:
2x Hydraulic pump belts (For Crane/Dump variant) identical to the power steering belt.

These are high quality European made belts from Diesel Technic.

Ultimate Mogs Pty Ltd is an authorised DT distributor.

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Diesel Technic


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Germany, Sweden or Netherlands based on selection.

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